About Us

A Family Tradition

About Us

The Story of LA LA Lasagna

At LA LA Lasagna we have a good dream: to make people know and appreciate the taste of the Original Lasagna, the same you can enjoy only in my hometown, Bologna, the city where the Lasagna was invented many centuries ago.

I love what I do, and do not make any compromises: this is why my Lasagna is carefully prepared from scratch following the original recipe of the past, the same recipe I have had the fortune to know and taste from my grandmother first and then from my mom.

A Family recipe handed down from generation to generation that now you can experience only at LA LA Lasagna, the first lasagna truck in the world and for sure the best pasta food truck in Los Angeles.

So come over and get a piece of The Original: I am sure you will taste the difference!

Chef Michelangelo
Chef Michelangelo
Founder and Executive Chef of LA LA Lasagna

Only the freshest ingredients

LA LA Lasagna is a Southern California based business.

This means we have access to the best produce all over the year, so that we prefer to use the local freshest ingredients, and most of them are organic certified too.

Healthy Food

Our idea of Healthy Food is very clear and simple: nothing we serve can be processed, no GMOs, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, or colorings that are not naturally derived from herbs, spices or vegetables, just the finest natural ingredients. Period.

Food made from scratch

All our dishes are really made from scratch, so that we provide you with dishes that are tasty, of course, but at the same time healthy because we know what we and our customers will eat.

The Chef

Who cooks for you

The story of Chef Michelangelo (Founder and Executive Chef of LA LA Lasagna) is simple and authentic, like the land he comes from, Bologna, a town that is effervescent, easygoing, culturally and industrially avant-garde, where the lasagna was invented but also well known as the Italian capital of food.

His parents were from two diverse places in Italy: his father Michele from Naples, his mother Angela from Bologna, both cities famous for their superb cuisines.

His style of cooking is the expression of their different heritages, resulting in delicious simple meals, with many of the recipes handed down from his grandmothers.

Member of the Italian Federation of Chefs, he has lived and worked in many cities of Italy and travelled throughout the country, savoring and discovering the many different regional cuisines.

And now he wants to share his knowledge and experience in Los Angeles with those who have the desire and passion to eat well.

Chef Michelangelo
Chef Michelangelo
How we do business

Our Company

How we do business

At LA LA Lasagna we truly believe in a responsible business model that is reflected in all of our choices and influences the orientation of our investments.

For us, doing business responsibly means acting with integrity and ethics and understanding that everyday our responsibilities permeate our value.

In other words, we do profitable business, but never forget that behind it there are Human Beings and, over all, Mother Nature.


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Ethical Business

We believe that a good business is not just a machine for making money and high profits.

From the first crew member to the management of the Company, we do business with passion, gratitute and respect for what we have and what we do.

So employees are more than workers: they are our Ambassadors with an important role in our Family.

The same for our customers that we love to call "Our Guests".

Local Business

In a globalizated world dominated by big Corporations and Lobbies, we believe in the strength of the smallest businesses like ours.

This is why we prefer to buy our ingredients from local farmers and ranchers.

A responsible choice that is also good for the environment because our local suppliers often have also a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.

Sustainable Business

We take care of our carbon footprint saving water and power, recycling whatever we can recycle, reusing whater we can reuse, cleaning with phosphate free detergents.

Also our containers and utensils we use for serving our food are 100% compostable, and all the other disposable stuff are made from recycled materials, and can be recycle again and again, of course.

Because Mother Nature and the environment are not a joke for us.

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